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02 April 2007 @ 04:32 pm
[Fic] Forget Me Note pro/?  

Title: Forget Me Not
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Genre: Angst/Drama
Rating: Currently, Everyone.
Pairings: Currently, None.
Warnings:  English Dub names, i.e 'Miss Honda' instead of 'Honda-san.'  Deathfic... Or is it?

Start: 7/19/06
Chapter Word Count: 570

Summary:  To be forgotten is a painful thing, but which is worse? To forget because of circumstances out of your control? Or, to forget on your own accord?

Forget Me Not
            Shigure looked up from his newspaper to see Yuki standing solemnly in the doorway. Quietly, having gained the older man's attention, Yuki crossed the room and sat across from him unusually formal. Shigure had to quirk an eyebrow at his cousin's behavior. There had only been one other time that Yuki had sat before him like this.
            He wanted approval for something.
            “I...I wanted to talk to you... about Miss Honda.”
            Shigure involuntarily cringed behind his newspaper. He knew it was only a matter of time before this conversation would have to take place. In a way he was almost glad Yuki was the one to broach the subject. Almost being the keyword. Sighing, Shigure folded his newspaper and sat it neatly beside him, focusing on Yuki's forlorn expression. Patiently, he waited for the young man to speak.
            “Miss Honda...” Yuki paused, trying to swallow the barrage of emotions that threatened to overtake him. The teen bowed his head a moment, his soft gray hair obscuring his face from the older man. Shigure knew it was a much harder thing for Yuki to suggest than it would have been if he had, but the thought pained him just as much. “Miss Honda... I... I think we should erase her memory.”
            An uneasy silence hung between them for a moment. Shigure closed his eyes, silently condoning Yuki for his selflessness. He always knew, from the moment he had welcomed the girl into his home that this would have to happen someday. He just wished it was under different circumstances; something he could manipulate in his favor. But that was impossible now.
            Even he couldn't bring back the dead.
            Watching Tohru deteriorate before his eyes was pure agony. He could only imagine how Yuki felt; holding everything in because he knew if he didn't there was no hope for her. But as the weeks wore on it seemed she did anything but improve. Shigure had watched Yuki try to console her, but every time he did she'd become hysterical, blaming herself.
            “I... I couldn't break the curse! I couldn't do it! And... and now... he's gone!”
            Shigure massaged his temple forcing her weeping image from his mind. “I'll call Hatori in the morning,” he replied after a moment. Yuki nodded curtly before rising. He turned to leave, but stopped, a question he yearned and feared to have answered on his lips.
            “Shigure?” the teen prompted. 
            “Will she have to forget... everything?”
            “I'm not sure,” the older man replied quietly. “That's for Hatori to decide.”
            Solemnly, Yuki nodded his head, accepting Tohru's fate. He left the room, soundlessly sliding the door shut behind him. Shigure sighed and lit a cigarette, thinking over what he would have to do in the morning. Hatori already knew Tohru wasn't doing well, but convincing him that erasing her memories was the right course of action... And convincing Tohru herself... Shigure knew she would be adamant about keeping her memories of them even if it would ultimately lead to her destruction. She was just a shell of her former self and the only way to save her was to make her forget.
            A sudden crack of thunder made the lights in the house flicker. It began to pour, the rain hitting the windows with violent splats of sound. Shigure rose and looked out at the dismal sky. He sighed.
            “I'm sorry, Kyo.”
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