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04 February 2008 @ 10:46 am
50_shinobi Table of Contents  
01.“This is my way as a ninja”02.deep fried vegetables03.tossing a coin04.Inner demons05.your precious someone
06.bandage07.shrimp08.Hokage (or any of the ‘Kages)09.“Ready, Steady, Go!”10.thunderstorm
11.Lady Luck12.tadpole13.tricycle14.hair clip15.steam engine
16.bingo book17.hopscotch18.Dreams19.applesauce20.springtime of youth
21.“BAKA!” (stupid, idiot)22.cathedral 23.cabbage patch24.Icha Icha Paradise25.Pitter-patter
26.potato chips27.violin28.blood limit29.Leap of faith30.flirt
31.sexy no jutsu32.Hunter-nin33.hair dryer34.Puppeteer35.shinobi
36.fiesta37.training38.Sing me a song (songfic of your choice)39.silk kimono40.heart strings
41.Rivals42.panic button43.ink blotch44.pebble45.ribbon
46.Brick wall47.soap suds (bubble)48.paper fan49.Curtain call (the final act)50.Ramen