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27 September 2007 @ 12:06 am
[Fic] Heero and Relena's Supposed Wedding 3/?  
 BEWARE THE BAD!  THE POSSIBLE TRITE!  And yet allow yourself to be humored and find the goodness in it :).

Title: Heero and Relena's Supposed Wedding
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: Err... Teen
Pairings: 1xR, 2xH, 5+S, one-sided 4+3, and eventual, yet accidental 1x6 lolz.
Warnings: Written in the eighth grade (2001) and has not been touched since probably 2002.  Possible OOCness.  Foreplay.  Eventual accidental!Yaoi and slight shounen-ai.  Incomplete.
DisclaimerGundam Wing and all it's characters thereof belong to Bandai (I think).  I make no claim to them.
Word Count: All together 5,204

Summary:  Heero proposes to Relena.  Relena accepts.  Duo throws Heero a bachlors party...  and everything goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Start: 2001
Update: Possibly sometime in 2002

Author's Note:  This idea spawned with ONE scene in mind.  Just one.  And that was of Relena walking in on Heero Yuy and Milliardo Peacecraft having drunken!sex.  But now, why would Relena be walking in on something like that?  And thus a story was born and later forgotten.  I haven't touched this fic in nearly six years.  It's unlikely I will ever complete writing it, but I would love to see it completed.  So I presented it over at</a></font></b></a>bigbluebox.  I guess we'll see what happens :) 

Chapter Three:

One month later after the wedding invitations had been sent out, Relena sat on the patio with Quatre, sipping the tea that Quatre had prepared for them. Heero was at work and said he'd be home late that night. Duo was going to drop in with dinner (he suggested pizza and Relena told him if he wanted it he'd have to buy it), and Trowa was going to stop by with Catherine to say hi. Hilde promised that they’d have a girl’s day out later that week, and Wufei, well, no one heard from Wufei since she’d spoken to him and Duo over the phone.

"So, what are you doing for the wedding?" Quatre asked sipping his tea, bathing in the fresh sunlight. "Something extravagant I’d guess."

"I dunno, most likely. The public would find out one way or another, no privacy." Relena sighed putting her teacup on the patio table. "But then again, Heero’s not one for crowds…" She bit her lip nervously.

"Don’t worry about Heero." Quatre smiled encouragingly. "All he wants is you to be happy so I don’t think it’d matter to him if there was a crowd or not." Relena smiled reassured.

"Your right."


"So Heero, in exactly thirty days it’s the big day! How do ya feel?" Duo spun around in Heero’s office chair while the ex- wing pilot glared at his best friend.

"How do you think I feel?" He snapped. "Get up Duo, I got work to do."

"Sheesh, you’d think since you’re getting married you’d be all floaty or somethin’.." Duo grumbled standing. "By the way, I’m dropping by tonight with pizza. Any suggestions?"

"Hmm." Heero responded, turning his laptop on. Duo groaned.

"Maybe you should be marrying the laptop instead."

"Bye Duo." Heero responded not looking up, fingers tapping the keyboard. Duo sighed and sulked out the doorway.


"Relena!" Catherine embraced her friend in a happy hug. "God I’ve missed you!" Relena returned the hug with a smile.

"Me too. It’s been too long!" Catherine plopped down on the other end of the loveseat Relena sat on. Trowa and Quatre smiled politely at each other and watched the girl’s exchange idle, excited chat.

"You’d think they hadn’t seen each other in years." Trowa noted. Quatre chuckled softly and got up from his seat.

"Lemonade?" He asked making his way to the door.

"Sure." Trowa complied, following the blonde.


"Come on Wufei, aren’t you going to at least congratulate them?" Sally asked exasperated. She stood stern, hands on her hips, her pale face looked like she had at sour pickle and her eyes were flamed with annoyance.

"There’s nothing to congratulate them on." Wufei retorted. Sally had been down his throat about this for a month now. Wufei had excluded himself from the rest of the guys trying to understand and comprehend the matter at hand.

"So you’re just going to slave away at your job. Even though nothing, absolutely nothing, has happened in over four months?" Sally asked annoyed.

"I’m not slaving. I’m just occupied." Wufei corrected his co-partner. Sally threw her hands up disgusted and stormed out the door, slamming it behind her. Wufei allowed a victorious smile to slide across his face. He knew it was only a matter of time and cunning charm to get her out of his face.


That night the Peacecraft’s (or soon to be Yuy’s) home was bustling with life. Duo had brought pizza as planned, along with a bucket of ice-cream goodies and six bottles of Mountain Dew.

"What’s with all the Mountain Dew?" Catherine had asked him curiously.

"It’s his new fascination." Hilde explained hanging off of her boyfriend. He smiled and winked before striding away from Trowa’s overprotective adoptive sister. Sally burst in the front door followed by a reluctant Wufei.

"Sally!" Relena sounded across the room. She put her orange juice down (the servant’s still weren’t allowing her any alcoholic beverage) and raced to great the older woman. Sally greeted her with arms wide open and congratulated her.

"Oh, hi Wufei! This is a nice surprise." Relena smiled. Wufei pouted and was about to say something rude in Chinese when Sally kicked his shins rather hard. Wufei made a rather forced smile and in a raspy voice congratulated Relena and her soon to be husband. Relena allowed them entry and went to mingle with other guests.

"What the hell was that for!?" Wufei yelled at the taller woman next to him. She smiled triumphantly and replied,

"I know you too well Chang. You would’ve said something nasty to her in a foreign language and pray she wouldn’t know what you said."

"She wouldn’t know what I said." He stated blandly. "She would’ve thought it was some kind of blessing."

"She is the Vice Foreign Minister. I’m sure she knows how to speak Chinese." Sally said in Relena’s defense. Wufei snorted.

"Right, and I’m the Queen of England."

"You never know." Sally shrugged and left the agitated loner to himself.


An hour later the crowded house was loosing it’s lively atmosphere. Relena bid the guys good-bye hurriedly and literally dragged Heero up the stairs, leaving the butler to show the four young men out. Out in the parking lot the guys made idle chat, Duo made a mockery out of Heero being dragged away by Relena, and Wufei threw out snide remarks on the wedding. Quatre sternly reminded him that Heero was his friend and that he shouldn’t speak ill of his soon to be wife. Wufei shrugged with a smug look on his face.

"Yeah, but it’s Relena…"

"Relena’s good for Heero." Quatre said in defense for the two soon to be weds.

"And only good for one thing." Duo smiled maliciously.

"DUO!" Quatre scolded the braided man.

"Hey! I didn’t say she’s only good for sex! She’s, uh, good, uh, for, um, cooking! Yeah cooking…" Duo said to stray from the blonde’s wrath. He should’ve known that he would be on Relena’s side.

"Relena couldn’t cook if her life depended on it." Trowa slid the comment in. Quatre sighed.

"Too true."

"I wonder what Heero thinks about the wedding." Trowa said, a hint of curiosity in his tone.

"I think Heero should be marrying his laptop instead." Duo commented. "He’s on that thing twenty-four seven."

"But he does care about Relena…and other things." Quatre covered.

"When he’s not on his laptop." Duo pointed out. Wufei and Trowa laughed, leaving Quatre sighing, knowing he was loosing a loosing battle.

"We should prepare him for the wedding. Relena can’t do everything." Quatre stated. "Maybe you should help him pick out a tux." Quatre hinted to Duo.

"Come off it Quatre, we’ve got another whole month or so! There’s plenty of time!" Duo patted the blonde Arabian on the back. Quatre sighed knowing it was just like Duo to leave everything till last minute.

And then the happy-go-lucky American’s eyes lit up and wide, an idea rotating around his head. "Let’s throw him a bachelor party!" The three stared at him.

"When would we plan to do this?" Wufei asked.

"I dunno, tomorrow?" Duo suggested.

"Way to soon Duo." Quatre inquired.

"Usually you wait to throw one till a week before the wedding at least." Trowa replied cool and calm. Now three sets of eyes landed on the tall boy. "Catherine reads a lot of romances." Was his reply.

"In any case, I have to help Relena shop and I think it’s best if I don’t get drunk." Quatre inquired a bit sulky.

"Oh yeah, I forgot, Q-man’s gay." Duo said with an air of annoyance. Quatre pinned the braided man with a look that made Duo cower back a little.

"And, since no one else seems like they’re going to help Heero out with his part of the wedding," He stared at Duo who would not make eye contact with him, "I’ll have to help him too."

"Well than we’ll worry about the party and make sure to support him." Trowa promised. "No need to worry, it’s not just Duo planning in his usual habits of procrastination."

"Right, I’ll try not to think of that." Quatre said unlocking his car’s door. "Well, I’ll talk to you all later this week. Goodnight." Quatre smiled at them all before getting in his black compact car and driving away. The remaining three watched him go in silence. One he was gone Duo exclaimed in annoyance,

"Why don’t you two get a room!?" Wufei’s eyebrows raised to his hairline in surprise and Trowa glared at him watchfully. Duo glared back before wavering his stare to his unlocked banged up red tin. "In any case I’ll talk to you guys later." He copied Quatre’s well manners before getting in his vehicle and driving away in a cloud of strong gray smoke. Trowa and Wufei said their good-byes and they too left the dark deserted parking lot.