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27 September 2007 @ 12:03 am
[Fic] Heero and Relena's Supposed Wedding 2/?  
 BEWARE THE BAD!  THE POSSIBLE TRITE!  And yet allow yourself to be humored and find the goodness in it :).

Title: Heero and Relena's Supposed Wedding
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Genre: Humor/Romance
Rating: Err... Teen
Pairings: 1xR, 2xH, 5+S, one-sided 4+3, and eventual, yet accidental 1x6 lolz.
Warnings: Written in the eighth grade (2001) and has not been touched since probably 2002.  Possible OOCness.  Foreplay.  Eventual accidental!Yaoi and slight shounen-ai.  Incomplete.
DisclaimerGundam Wing and all it's characters thereof belong to Bandai (I think).  I make no claim to them.
Word Count: All together 5,204

Summary:  Heero proposes to Relena.  Relena accepts.  Duo throws Heero a bachlors party...  and everything goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Start: 2001
Update: Possibly sometime in 2002

Author's Note:  This idea spawned with ONE scene in mind.  Just one.  And that was of Relena walking in on Heero Yuy and Milliardo Peacecraft having drunken!sex.  But now, why would Relena be walking in on something like that?  And thus a story was born and later forgotten.  I haven't touched this fic in nearly six years.  It's unlikely I will ever complete writing it, but I would love to see it completed.  So I presented it over at

bigbluebox.  We'll see how it goes :).


Chapter Two

            Quatre stared at the wedding invite. So Heero finally tied the knot with Relena. He chuckled to himself lightly and took a sip of his earl gray tea. Who would've thought? He read the invite over again, March 30th would be the day of the wedding and today was February 5th. He dialed Relena's cell phone number to let her know he was going to be dropping in on them. He got her voice mail, left a brief message and hung up.

            Stretching, he glanced out the window. Snow lightly fell in elegant grace, pilling up on his little black car. He yawned and buzzed his secretary.
            "Tracey?" He asked.
            "Yes?" A female voice responded.
            "Cancel all my meetings within the next week. I'll be away. If anyone needs to reach me, incase of an emergency, they can call my cell."
            "Alright Mr. Winner." She replied. "Although I don't think the delegates will be pleased with the meetings canceled."
            "Thank you Tracey. Don't worry I know." He beeped out and began packing his briefcase for the ride home. Downstairs he passed the secretary's desk.
            "Have a nice day Mr. Winner." Tracey smiled. Quatre smiled back.
            "You too, Tracey." Quatre walked out the front doors of the Winner Corporation and down the slightly icy path to his car. "Well, I should at least attempt calling Heero to let him know I'm coming…"


            Duo spun around in his chair, bored. "Isn't there anything to do here?" He sighed spinning around again. Just then Hilde stepped into the tiny office and had obviously heard him.
            "Well maybe if you did some work like you should be doing, you wouldn't be bored." She said laying some more papers on Duo's already cluttered desk.
            "But it's hard!" Duo whined. Hilde gave him a disapproving glare. Duo sighed. "Alright, I'll start on it." Hilde smiled.
            "Good, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we'll be able to do hands on work." She walked back over to the door and opened it. "So, I'll see you tonight?"
            "Yeah, sure." Duo sighed staring at the piles of papers on his desk.
            "Alright, later." And Hilde left poor overwhelmed Duo by himself in the tiny, stuffy office.
            "One more thing," Hilde popped back in. "We got mail."
            "Mail!?" Dou's violet eyes widened. "Let me see!" Hilde laughed at her boyfriend. She ripped the top off the envelope and read out loud,
            "To Duo Maxwell and Hilde Schobaker. You are invited to attend Heero Yuy and Relena Peacecraft Doralin's wedding to be held on March 30th. It will be held at St. Catharine's Cathedral, on
Linkin Street."
            "So Heero's finally getting married?" Duo smiled slyly. "It's about time."
            "They're having their wedding offal soon. It's only about a month away." Hilde commented frowning.
            "Come off it Hilde, they've been together since the beginning of the war!"
            "Correction, half a year after the war."
            "Technically, yes." Duo smiled again slyly.
            "What's that supposed to mean?" Hilde asked with an eyebrow raised.
            "Long story." Duo smiled at the memory of Relena defending Heero the first time he met them. Duo thought he was helping Relena considering Heero had had a gun to her head. But then when he went to shoot him, Relena stepped in front of him. "What an odd couple they are." Duo frowned. Hilde chuckled a little.
            "Now, Mr. Maxwell, get some work done and I'll see you tonight." Hilde kissed his forehead and left the room for the second time. Duo stared at the pile of papers again. After a few moments he picked up his office phone.
            "I think I should call Heero…" He picked up the phone and dialed Heero's number. Suddenly the phone clicked off and over to another line.
            "When I said get some work done I meant it." Hilde's voice said hotly over the phone. A shocked Duo quickly hung up the phone and starting filling out some forms…


            "Trowa! We got some mail today!" Catharine ran over to the tall ex gundam pilot waving a white envelope. Trowa stood up and looked over to the excited girl.
            "What is it Cathy?" He asked.
            "A wedding invite!" She sang. She pulled the invitation out of the envelope as Trowa furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.
            "A wedding invite? Who's wedding?"
            "You'll never believe this, it's to Heero and Relena's wedding!" She announced all smiles. "Here, take a look." She handed over the thick fancy paper to a dumbfounded boy.
            "To Trowa and Catharine Bloom. You are invited to attend Heero Yuy and Relena Peacecraft Doralin's wedding to be held on March 30th. It will be held at St. Catharine's Cathedral, on
Linkin Street." He read out loud.
            "Oh I'm so happy they're finally getting married!" Catharine expressed elated.
            "Yeah…" Trowa shook his head in disbelief. "I'm going to call Duo, just to make sure it's not one of his early April Fool's jokes." Trowa walked away from Catharine and the lion cage to the little trailer to phone Duo.
            "But Trowa, it's February… And I'm sure-"
            "Trust me, it's probably just a prank. Duo's pulled stuff like this before…"


            "Hey Wufei, you got mail." Sally said dropping a white envelope on the Chinese man's desk. At the moment, the honey blonde woman was opening her own identical white envelope. Suddenly Sally laughed. Wufei looked up from his computer and raised a thin black eyebrow.
            "What's so funny?" He asked curious. Sally eyed his envelope.
            "Open yours. I'm sure it's the same thing." Not wanting to obey a woman, Wufei ignored her command with a simple sentence.
            "I'm busy, I'll read it later."
            "Suit yourself, but I think you'd get a good laugh at it…" Sally chuckled lightly, flicked her twirled ponytail over her shoulder and left the room. She shut the door lightly and waited outside.
            Unaware that Sally was right outside, Wufei lunged for the envelope and ripped it open. He murmured the invitation to himself.
            "To Wufei Chang. You are invited to attend Heero Yuy and Relena Peacecraft Doralin's wedding to be held on March 30th. It will be held at St. Catharine's Cathedral, on
Linkin Street.' What the fudge!?" He exclaimed appalled. "Yuy's getting married!? To her!?" Wufei dropped the thick parchment like it was a bad omen and leaned back in his chair, shocked. Then a thought struck him like a bullet, it was the same thought Trowa had had only a short hour ago. "MAXWELL!" The Chinese man jumped up and ran out the door, surpassing Sally who had a bad case of the giggles…


            "Look, I didn't do any pranks! I swear!" Duo yelled aggravated. So far in the past hour and a half, Trowa and Wufei had rudely accused him of sending fake invitations to Heero and Relena's wedding. They refused to believe that the couple was getting married.
            "I know you're lying!" Wufei pointed a dangerous finger at him.
            "I am NOT!" Duo yelled again. "If you don't believe me-"
            "Which I don't." Wufei scathed.
            "- Then call Heero yourself and ask." Duo glared at the Chinese man, who glared right back. "You know, just because something like this is outta the blue doesn't mean you guys should go around accusing me for it." Duo stated hotly. "Quatre is already there helping Relena decide what damn wedding dress to wear!" Aggravated, Duo collapsed in his office chair. The wind from his fall made several papers fly up from his desk.
            For a moment, the two ex gundam pilots glared at each other.
            "Fine, I'll call Yuy. If he says there's no wedding, then I get to beat the living shit out of you." Wufei stated. He picked up Duo's office phone and dialed the Peacecraft's number.
            "Hello?" A female voice answered.
            "Hi. Is Heero Yuy available?" Wufei asked still glaring at Duo.
            "Um, actually, Heero's gone out for awhile." The woman replied.
            "Thank you." Wufei went to hang up, but Duo lunged forward and pressed speakerphone.
            "Is Relena there?" Duo yelled.
            "Duo?" The female replied.
            "The one and only." He replied.
            "Hey! This is Relena." She replied.
            "Relena?" Wufei whispered. "Doesn't sound anything like her…"
            "Hey, who was that other guy on the phone just a second ago?" Relena asked.
            "Um, that was Wufei." Duo admitted. He had thought about saying it was Wu-man, but rethought it.
            "Wufei? Didn't sound anything like him…" Wufei gave a low growl and clenched his fists.
            "Uh, anyways, Relena, you and Heero really are getting married, right?" Duo asked quickly watching Wufei.
            "Yeah! I take it you got our wedding invitation?" The excited girl asked. Wufei blinked quite a few times, registering the information.
            "Wh- When did this happen?!" Wufei sputtered.
            "Last night." Relena giggled. "He proposed to me at dinner."
            "WHAT?!" Wufei yelled. "HEERO DID THAT!?"
            "Uh, yeah. Is there a problem with that?" Relena asked a hint of annoyance in her voice.
            "Uh… Relena, we gotta go. You know calling long distance, uh, make the phone bill high. Talk to ya later, bye!" Duo clicked speakerphone off and leaned back in his seat again, looking happy at his victory. "Do you believe me now Woofers?" The alleged God of Death smiled victorious, which left Wufei dumbfounded…